Saniflo® Up

Saniflo up

Introducing the original macerator pump unit, enabling hassle-free installation of an additional WC in any location within your home, even when conventional solutions aren’t feasible.

Discover the Saniflo Up, the groundbreaking macerator pump initially crafted by SFA over six decades ago. A macerator, the essential pump for diverting black waste water from WC’s, basins, showers, and various appliances. This efficient pump includes a cutting blade that finely grinds waste into pulp, facilitating smooth discharge through narrow bore pipework to your drainage system.


Why choose this product?
  • Macerator for a WC only
  • Easy replacement of an old model – identical pipe centres
  • Easy maintenance using access at the top of the unit


Pump Use
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Included in the box
  • Saniflo Up
  • Non-return valve
  • Connectors
  • Activated carbon filter to neutralise odours

Dimensions l x w x h (mm)
338 x 222 x 265

210mm depth required behind the WC

Tech Sheet

Saniflo Motorinduction motor (no carbon brushes or gears to wear out). Tested over 30,000 cycles.
Watts (Consumption)400w
Electrical Supply220-240V 50Hz
Flow rate at max head litres/min55
Horizontal Discharge100 metres
Vertical Discharge4 metres
Gravity fall on horizontal installations1/100
Discharge Pipe Diameter22/28/32 mm
MaterialsPolypropylene, C.R.P., stainless steel, Neoprene
Type of WC Pan (not included)Short spigot 100mm HO outlet (BS EN 33/37)
Motor RPM2800 RPM
Normal Running Time WC10–20 secs subject to installation pipe run
Dimensions (vertical height is measured from floor level)(L)338mm x (W)222mm x (H)265mm (requires 190mm behind spigot)
Technote – Saniflo recommend a Saniflo approved engineer for every Saniflo installation, repair, and service – phone PumpMaster on 0800 2922 542Designed to fit BS EN 33/37 WC pans. As close coupled cistern dimensions vary, it may be necessary, with certain designs, to utilise a spacer between cistern and wall



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