Sanivite® +

Ideally suited to a kitchen or utility room, Sanivite +’s powerful pump has four inlets for connection to domestic sinks or appliances. With compact dimensions, Sanivite + can be concealed in a kitchen unit or behind a demountable panel to give access for servicing.

Why choose this product?
  • Ideal for hot, soapy water
  • Four inlets
  • Powerful, quiet pump
  • Low activation level (95mm)
  • Compact for concealed installation

Saniflo Sanivite diagram

Sanivite plus

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Saniflo Motor induction motor (no carbon brushes or gears to wear out). Tested over 30,000 cycles.
Watts (Consumption) 360w
Electrical Supply 220-240V 50Hz
Flow rate at max head litres/min 50
Horizontal Discharge 50 metres
Vertical Discharge 5 metres
Gravity fall on horizontal installations 1:100
Discharge Pipe Diameter 32mm
Working Temperature 35oC
Maximum Temperature 60oC
Materials Polypropylene, C.R.P., stainless steel, Neoprene
Motor RPM 2800 RPM
Dimensions (vertical height is measured from floor level) (W)373mm x (O/H)350mm x (D)185mm
Technote – Saniflo recommend a Saniflo approved engineer for every Sanivite installation, repair, and service – phone PumpMaster on 0800 2922 542 When used with a shower or bath, the shower tray or bath outlet has to be raised 15 cm above the floor.

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