Sanicom® 2

Identical to Sanicom® but features two powerful motors where the second motor is a failsafe back-up to ensure that you always have continuity of service for your business.

Suitable for multiple connections including a basin, bath, shower, bidet, sink, dishwasher and washing machine.

Why choose this product?
  • Ideal for heavy commercial applications

  • Safe, reliable pump plus backup motor

  • Unit operates automatically

  • Two 40mm side entries and air vent/connection to exterior

  • Working temperature of 35°C

  • Will handle up to 90°C for short periods

  • External hard-wired alarm


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Saniflo Sanicom2 diagram

Saniflo Motor
  • Aluminium with stainless steel shaft
  • thermal cutout bulb with bimetallic strip
  • single disc 96mm impeller
Watts (Consumption) Max 3000 watts (2 x 1500 Watts)
Horizontal Discharge max 100m with 1:100 fall
Vertical Discharge 11 m
Gravity fall on horizontal installations 1%
Discharge Pipe Diameter 50 mm
Working Temperature 35oC
Maximum Temperature 90oC for short periods
Materials Container: polyethylene – grey
Dimensions (height measured from floor) (W)480mm x (H)467mm x (D)486mm
Technote To connect a bathtub (or shower), make sure the waste trap height is raised by at least 25cm above floor level.
EuropeanStandard EN 12050-2
Alarm Not suitable for use with SaniAlarm
Maintenance Saniflo recommend a Saniflo approved engineer for every Sanicom 2 installation, repair, and service – Contact our Technical Support Team at PumpMaster free on 0800 2922 542

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Sanicom2 – The Saniflo professional range, second motor for failsafe backup

Sanicom2 is a lifting pump for waste water used in commercial applications (restaurants, hairdressing salons, the catering industry etc.). The unit operates automatically, has a high performance level, and is safe and reliable, provided all the rules for installation and maintenance in this notice are strictly followed.

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