Worcester Saniflo Eco-home project

Worcestershire’s Floating Eco-Home Rises on the River Severn

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Worcestershire, an extraordinary, single-storey, three-bedroom eco-home, boasting futuristic design, is making waves on the River Severn. This unique property, constructed during the challenging times of the Covid lockdowns, defies convention with its ingenious floating structure, attaching to piles along the riverbank. What’s more, this architectural marvel adapts effortlessly to the river’s water levels, thanks to a cutting-edge system featuring the award-winning Sanifos 110 lifting station.

The Sanifos 110: Powering a Sustainable Vision

At the heart of this eco-home’s sewage system lies the Sanifos 110 lifting station. Designed to activate automatically when filled to capacity, this state-of-the-art system propels wastewater vertically by an impressive 7.5 meters to reach the main drainage when the house finds itself at its lowest point on the water.

What sets the Sanifos 110 apart is its adaptability to varying heights as the floating house gracefully moves along the river’s ebb and flow. This versatile unit, equipped with a generous 110-litre capacity, silently and efficiently manages wastewater from bathroom pumps and gravity-fed kitchen water, responding to demands seamlessly.

Sanifos 110 diagram

A Partnership for Problem Solving

While this floating eco-home held immense promise, the property owners encountered some initial challenges. These issues prompted them to seek the expertise of Saniflo, who joined forces with a specialist Saniflo distributor and a leading commercial plumbing company, PumpMaster.

A thorough site visit was conducted, leading to a short-term solution until a comprehensive analysis could be undertaken. It was revealed that installation errors were obstructing the proper functioning of the wastewater system. The resolution came in the form of removing admittance valves.

pt pump stations a practical and cost effective solution for wastewater management 3

Unlocking the Venting Solution

One crucial fix involved addressing the vent port on the Sanifos. Vent ports play a pivotal role in pump operation, ensuring the expulsion of displaced air when the pump fills with water. Conversely, when the pump activates, and the water level drops, it needs to draw in air to prevent a vacuum.

In this case, the vent port in the tank was initially blocked, causing issues. To remedy the immediate problem, the vent port was opened, and an expert installer from PumpMaster later returned to install a dedicated vent pipe and cage, ensuring smooth and efficient system performance.

This exceptional floating eco-home on the River Severn is a testament to innovative design and sustainable living. Empowered by the Sanifos 110 lifting station and expertly addressed challenges, it stands as a symbol of cutting-edge technology’s ability to harmonize with nature. It serves as an inspiring example of eco-conscious living, backed by the reliability and adaptability of Saniflo’s ingenious solutions.