Are Saniflo toilets noisy?

If you’re considering a Saniflo toilet for your home, the concern about noise levels might be on your mind. Are Saniflo toilets noisy?

In this blog post, we’ll delve into common perceptions, dispel myths, and unveil the impressive technology behind the SaniAccess 2, currently recognised as the quietest on the market.


Dispelling the Myths:

Myth: Saniflo Toilets Are Inherently Noisy
  • Reality: While traditional toilets may have a distinct flush sound, modern Saniflo toilets, especially the SaniAccess 2, are designed with noise reduction as a top priority.
Myth: Macerator Pumps Create Loud Grinding Noises
  • Reality: Saniflo’s commitment to reducing noise is evident in the advancements made with the SaniAccess 2. The grinding noises associated with older models are virtually eliminated with this innovative solution.

The Secrets of Silence

1. Sound-Absorbing “Silent Blocks”:

Strategically placed rubber “silent blocks” around the motor and at the base of the SaniAccess 2 macerator significantly reduce vibrations transmitted through the unit to external surfaces.

2. Anti-Vibration Studs:

The SaniAccess 2 comes equipped with anti-vibration studs at the bottom of the macerator, elevating the unit slightly above the floor and further diminishing the transmission of vibrations.

3. Sound Insulation Options:

Users can take additional steps to enhance soundproofing by laying a layer of sound insulation between the macerator and the floor or wall, ensuring an even quieter bathroom experience.

Are saniflo toilets noisy? saniflo noise chart
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The SaniAccess 2

The SaniAccess 2 currently holds the title as the quietest macerator on the market, redefining the standards for a tranquil bathroom experience. Saniflo addresses concerns about noise variations, emphasizing that the SaniAccess 2, part of the new Silence Range, emits 10dB less than its predecessor. This reassures users that noise disruption is minimised.

Saniflo’s installation instructions are a key component in noise reduction. Measures such as maintaining a gap between the macerator and the wall, using anti-vibration pads, and strategic piping intervals all contribute to a quieter operation

Saniflo’s Decibel Revelation

The Saniplus, featuring these groundbreaking improvements, boasts an incredibly low sound level of only 34.9 dB(A), compared to the previous model’s 43.9 dB(A). This significant reduction ensures a bathroom experience that’s not just efficient but remarkably quiet.



I hope we’ve answered the question of are Saniflo toilets noisy. If you’re after a the quietest of bathroom innovations, the SaniAccess 2 from Saniflo emerges as a true pioneer in silent plumbing solutions. With its meticulous design, innovative technology, and commitment to reducing noise levels, it sets a new standard for a tranquil bathroom experience. Say goodbye to the days of noisy flushes and embrace the harmonious silence of the SaniAccess 2 for a bathroom that’s not just functional but remarkably quiet.